NS6W183R Nichia, NS6W183R Datasheet - Page 17



Manufacturer Part Number

Specifications of NS6W183R

Size Lxwxh (mm)
Lumi-nous Inten-sity Typ(cd)
Lumi-nous Flux Typ(lm))
Forward Voltage Vf(v) Typ
Forward Voltage Vf(v) Max
Directivity (degree)
If (ma)
Mounting Style
Through Hole
(8) Eye Safety
(9) Others
● In 2006, the International Electrical Commission (IEC) published IEC 62471:2006 Photobiological safety of lamps
● Viewing a flashing light may cause eye discomfort. When incorporating the LED into your product,
● The LEDs described in this brochure are intended to be used for ordinary electronic equipment (such as office equipment,
● The customer shall not reverse engineer by disassembling or analysis of the LEDs without having prior written consent
● Both the customers and Nichia will agree on official specifications of supplied products before a customer's volume production.
● Specifications and appearance subject to change for improvement without notice.
and lamp systems, which added LEDs in its scope.
On the other hand, the IEC 60825-1:2007 laser safety standard removed LEDs from its scope.
However, please be advised that some countries and regions have adopted standards
based on the IEC laser safety standard IEC 60825-1:20112001, which still includes LEDs in its scope.
Most of Nichia's LEDs can be classified as belonging into either the Exempt Group or Risk Group 1.
High-power LEDs, that emit light containing blue wavelengths, may be classified as Risk Group 2.
Please proceed with caution when viewing directly any LEDs driven at high current, or viewing LEDs
with optical instruments which may greatly increase the damages to your eyes.
please be careful to avoid adverse effects on the human body caused by light stimulation.
communications equipment, measurement instruments and household appliances).
Consult Nichia's sales staff in advance for information on the applications in which exceptional quality
and reliability are required, particularly when the failure or malfunction of the LEDs may directly jeopardize life or
health (such as for airplanes, aerospace, submersible repeaters, nuclear reactor control system, automobiles,
traffic control equipment, life support systems and safety devices).
from Nichia. When defective LEDs are found, the customer shall inform Nichia directly before disassembling or analysis.