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Taiyo Yuden

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Part Number:
Taiyo Yuden
58 880
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20 000
Product information in this catalog is as of October 2011. All of the contents specified herein are subject to change
without notice due to technical improvements, etc. Therefore, please check for the latest information carefully be-
fore practical application or usage of the Products.
Please note that Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. shall not be responsible for any defects in products or equipment incorpo-
rating such products, which are caused under the conditions other than those specified in this catalog or individual
Please contact Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. for further details of product specifications as the individual specification is
Please conduct validation and verification of products in actual condition of mounting and operating environment
before commercial shipment of the equipment.
All electronic components or functional modules listed in this catalog are developed, designed and intended for
use in general electronics equipment.(for AV, office automation, household, office supply, information service,
telecommunications, (such as mobile phone or PC) etc.). Before incorporating the components or devices into any
equipment in the field such as transportation,( automotive control, train control, ship control), transportation signal,
disaster prevention, medical, public information network (telephone exchange, base station) etc. which may have
direct influence to harm or injure a human body, please contact Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. for more detail in advance.
Do not incorporate the products into any equipment in fields such as aerospace, aviation, nuclear control, subma-
rine system, military, etc. where higher safety and reliability are especially required.
In addition, even electronic components or functional modules that are used for the general electronic equipment,
if the equipment or the electric circuit require high safety or reliability function or performances, a sufficient reliabil-
ity evaluation check for safety shall be performed before commercial shipment and moreover, due consideration to
install a protective circuit is strongly recommended at customer's design stage.
The contents of this catalog are applicable to the products which are purchased from our sales offices or distribu-
tors (so called “TAIYO YUDEN’ s official sales channel” ).
It is only applicable to the products purchased from any of TAIYO YUDEN’ s official sales channel.
Please note that Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. shall have no responsibility for any controversies or disputes that may oc-
cur in connection with a third party's intellectual property rights and other related rights arising from your usage of
products in this catalog. Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. grants no license for such rights.
Caution for export
Certain items in this catalog may require specific procedures for export according to “Foreign Exchange and For-
eign Trade Control Law” of Japan, “U.S. Export Administration Regulations” , and other applicable regulations.
Should you have any question or inquiry on this matter, please contact our sales staff.
Notice for TAIYO YUDEN products
Please read this notice before using the TAIYO YUDEN products.
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