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Renesas Electronics America
Renesas Starter Kits (RSK)r

Specifications of R0K5212D8S001BE

CPU Board, LCD Display Module, E8 Emulator, Cable, QuickStart Guide and CD-ROM
Silicon Manufacturer
Coding And Debugging, E8A Emulator, RS232 Serial Connection
Kit Contents
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Contains lead / RoHS non-compliant
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Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant, Contains lead / RoHS non-compliant
RTE - Product Marketing (ABI)
The R8C microcontroller family is the latest in a line
of high performance microcontrollers from Renesas.
The R8C/Tiny family is very suitable in offering
more performance on applications in the 8-bit arena
at an 8-bit price. The innovation on this chip is a 16-
bit M16C core with an 8-bit bus. This makes it very
easy to upgrade to the next step on the real 16-bit
M16C devices. The R8C/2C & 2D are 80-pin devices
with memory sizes from 48KByte up to 128KByte
flash and has the same timer like the well know 52pin
R8C/24-25, which can drive up to 8 x PWM and also
includes support for 3-phase motor control with
automatic dead time insertion.
R8C/2C & 2D
The R8C/2A-2B have the same powerful features
like I2C, SPI, 2 x USART, dedicated LIN driver,
three LVD levels and two internal high/low
oscillators. New features like DA converters, more
16bit Timers and up to 20 x 10bit AD channels with
additional scan function are available. Their
multifunction Timers with a 40MHz clock source,
can drive up to 12 x 16bit PWM with different duty
cycles. A dedicated Timer also allows the user to
realize real time clock function. The internal 40MHz
high speed oscillator has an excellent accuracy of +/-
2% over the total temperature range and can be
calibrated down to 1%. To make your system more
reliable these devices includes different fail-safe
functions like clock stop detection, special function
• Product overview
• Tools
• Support - Contacts
Features, packages
mid./high end Tools
free Software
This helps to reduce costs in the next generations of
small applications, white goods, industrial and
security applications. For applications which needs
low power at high performance, the R8C consumes
only 0.8µA or 2.2µA in STOP/WAIT mode.
Therefore dedicated battery applications can be
R8C Key Features
• more performance in 8bit applications
• 16 bit CPU core – same as M16C
• 20MHz - 50ns min. instructions
• two internal oscillators
• low power consumption
• 20pin to 80pin packages
• 4Kbyte to 128kbyte Flash
• Power on reset & Low voltage detection
• On chip debugger
register protection, data flash, watchdog time, etc.
- 40MHz with best accuracy
Renesas Technology
the world's number 1 provider of
microcontrollers, takes you where your
imagination leads
Product Guide R8C/2A-2B V1.1
(125KHz & 40MHz)

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R0K5212D8S001BE Summary of contents

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R8C/2C & 2D The R8C microcontroller family is the latest in a line of high performance microcontrollers from Renesas. The R8C/Tiny family is very suitable in offering more performance on applications in the 8-bit arena at an 8-bit price. The ...

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R8C/2C & 2D Product overview • M16C CPU Core (16-bit MHz@ 3.0-5. MHz@ 2.7-5.5V - 5MHz@ 2.2V-5.5V • Clock generation circuit - Main clock with Xin/Xout (up to 20MHz) - Low/High speed internal ring oscillator (125KHz/40MHz) ...

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R8C/2C & 2D Package Group Device Type R8C/2C R5F212C7SNFP PLQP0080KB-A R5F212C8SNFP PLQP0080KB-A R5F212CASNFP PLQP0080KB-A R5F212CCSNFP PLQP0080KB-A R8C/2D R5F212D7SNFP PLQP0080KB-A R5F212D8SNFP PLQP0080KB-A R5F212DASNFP PLQP0080KB-A R5F212CCSNFP PLQP0080KB-A R8C/2C R5F212C7SDFP PLQP0080KB-A D-version R5F212C8SDFP PLQP0080KB-A R5F212CASDFP PLQP0080KB-A R5F212CCSDFP PLQP0080KB-A R8C/2D R5F212D7SDFP PLQP0080KB-A D-version R5F212D8SDFP ...

Page 4

R8C/2C & 2D Key points: • 40MHz internal oscillator - excellent tolerance on total temperature range -40° 85° adjustable to 1% via software • suitable for 3phase motor control - dedicated 16bit Timer RD – with ...

Page 5

R8C/2C & 2D Package information RTE - Product Marketing (ABI) Product 12mm R8C/26-27 • Packages - pin 80 LQFP ( 12x 12 x 1.7mm) - 0.5mm pitch Product Guide R8C/2A-2B V1.1 www.renesas.eu Guide 12mm 5 ...

Page 6

... Probe and CPE is 112 Kbytes. I its not possible to debug programs larger than 112 Kbytes (20000h—23FFFh). RTE - Product Marketing (ABI) Tool Name S32HEWNC30-1-6 Supplied as part of compiler Free of charge download from web R0K5212D8S001BE (based on the 80pin R8C/2D) R0E00008AKCE00 R0E5212DACPE00 (inc. CPE emulator & converter board) R0E521000CPE00 a) R0E5212DACFK00 80-pin 0 ...

Page 7

... Tutorial session • Sample peripheral driver code E8A Emulator: • Small Body size: - 92mm x 42mm x 15mm • Realtime debugging: - Operates in the highest frequency of CPU - High transfer speed Product Guide R8C/2A-2B V1.1 www.renesas.eu Tool Starterkit Available Order number: R0K5212D8S001BE Order number: R0E00008AKCE00 7 ...

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R8C/2C & 2D Compact Emulator – low cost emulator Note: Please see the debugging note (*2) on page 7 R0E5212DACPE00 CPE set package R8C/2C-2D R0E521000CPE00 Converter board (only) CPE (only) Download, S/W break (64 points), Program execution/stop (allows free-run execution ...

Page 9

R8C/2C & 2D PC7501 Emulator – high end emulator Note: Please see the debugging note (*2) on page 7 PC7501 Emulation probe + connect to Converter board Emulation probe (only) Software break 64 points 16 points Hardware break (Execution address/Bus ...

Page 10

R8C/2C & 2D PC7501 & Compact Emulator – How to connect your target board – for 80pin 0.5mm pitch ? this is same the for the Emualtion probe and CPE RTE - Product Marketing (ABI) CPE socket Connection to User ...

Page 11

R8C/2C & 2D R8C/Tiny Software High Performance Embedded Workshop & Renesas NC30 - Compiler All existing M32C, M16C & R8C debug platforms such as PC7501, Compact Emulators (CPE) and KD30 ROM monitors have been integrated into the HEW debugger. All ...

Page 12

R8C/2C & 2D How to flash R8C/Tiny ? Use E8A Emulator one Tool to flash & debug on ONE WIRE (via Mode pin) FDT - Flash Development Toolkit Renesas Flash Development Toolkit is a dedicated flash programming tool for Renesas ...

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R8C/2C & 2D • R8C Product information - Datasheets - Application Notes - Tool-Information http://eu.renesas.com/fmwk.jsp?cnt=r8ctiny_series_landing.jsp&fp=/products/ mpumcu/m16c_family/r8c_tiny_series/ • Easy to learn more about R8C... Renesas Interactive is an e-learning facility for all Renesas devices and development tools www.renesasinteractive.com • Internet: www.microchooser.com ...

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R8C/2C & 2D Lineup 8KB - 32KB RAM: 512B - 1kB 8KB - 16KB R8C/26-27 RAM: 376B - 1kB 32pin R8C/28-29 20pin 32pin RTE - Product Marketing (ABI) General Purpose 16KB - 64KB RAM: 512B-3kB 32KB - 64KB R8C/24-25 RAM: ...

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